The Story of The Button Tin

My earliest memories as a small child were of my Nana busy peddling away on her old singer sewing machine.

I was amazed at the way she could take a piece of fabric and turn it into something beautiful that I could wear.

Nana had an old honey tin that was filled with buttons and I would spend hours playing with them, studying the different shapes and designs while helping Nana with her latest garment.

Sewing has been a passion all my life and I am extremely excited to have opened my own shop so I can carry on Nana's legacy and design and produce beautiful clothing that has been tailored to your individual taste and requirements.

Our shop, The Button Tin, is situated near old Cromwell town in an old bungalow dating back to the old mining era of the late 1800's. We have renovated the cottage and brought back to life and is an ideal venue that reproduces that vintage old world feeling.

The old button tin is in our shop and every dress sold comes with its own special button attached so that you can take a little treasure home from a past era and put a smile on Nana's face.